Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Glue Guns Tape Wallet

Every once in a while two shops get together and make some magic, no not that kind of magic you dirty bird. We're talkin' products not etsy storgy session! In this esty store tag team Tape Bubba has honored us by using our Glue Guns > Guns sticker in one of his fine tape wallets. This is a fat hog of a wallet, we could keep enough blow in there to get across six south American borders and still have room for most the overdue bills from home and abroad. Go check it out here and then cruise his shop maybe buy some stuff maybe even convo some nice thoughts. Bubba likes soft talkers with strong dirty and sorta mumbly words. When we talk to him we pretend we've got a mouth full of garlic corn skin on mashed potatoes then try to recite the lyrics from peace train backwards in a drunk voice. Don't forget to clap! 
Thanks Bubba  
-the Mixed Species guys-

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Contest is coming fast!!

Our flickr costume group is growing fast with a bit of submissions starting to roll in. We've been busy our selves hammering out some costumes to make some smile and most cringe. Check out the  first two creations above! First off we have Oliver Bolan's Rainbow Bat, he came up with this one his own. Though it could easily be misconstrued we've got to admit to being stoked when Oliver pinked the pink fake fur to join the rainbow felt. Next up is Laura Ingalls Gene Wilder and if this is not a case of Hollywood gone rural then that freaky banjo kid from Deliverance is Face McSpecies brother uncle.

If you've not already joined our flickr costume contest then get on it for a chance to win some of our fine crap and a crisp $100 bill sent to your house.
Go here!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mixed Species does Mosaic Masterpieces--Hot Pounding Artist ON Artist ACTION!

Ever wonder what became of the cutters back in school? If they ended up turning out work like C. Brennan of Mosaic Masterpieces then maybe all the crying in the mirror watching their eyeliner run listening to the Cure and working at the mall food court after school may very well pay off. Sorry there's still no excuse for the goth shoes. No not those ones, the elf ones.

Hairy McSpecies is the proud owner of a C. Brennan piece, a radical depiction of Twiggy the most glamorous female model ever. We all know who the most glamorous male model is?! Twiggy gave Hairy this fantastic mosaic of her after leaving him heart broken at the altar, it's a sad story that Hairy has yet to recover from. In the above photo, chillin' before a romantic fire Hairy reads a few Pablo Neruda poems to "his" Twiggy while washing away the tears with beer (he serves Twiggy's in a wine glass). Later he'll stumble to bed to smell the pillow twiggy last used better than ten years ago to see if he can still smell her. His guest appearance on last season's America's Next Top Model has brought up some strong feelings and it's a tough recovery.

Twiggy's just the start of the pop that spews forth from Mosaic Masterpieces massive musclely pulsating creation organ. Her poppy glass tentacles stretch from Seattle to Philadelphia. The city of brotherly love (ha) with a stunning mosaic recreation of Robert Indiana's famous Love. She then grabs us by the hair like rag doll (yes we like it!) and drags us all the way to New York City, adding some sharp edges to Roy Lichtenstein's Love Gun.

What do Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Jim Morrison and Madonna have in common? Other than mountains upon mountains of drugs copious amounts of alcohol and bagging mass chicks they've all been the subject of mosaics from the C. Brennan of Mosaic Masterpieces. We think it's fair to say that any average self loathing self absorbed artist, musical or otherwise would be honored to rendered in glass by C. Brennan's adept hands.

From the amazing intricacies of the George Harrison piece to Wood grain reveal in the Hendrix piece we are happy to give C. Brennan five out five guaranteed severed thumbs up.

You can also find C. Brennan and her fine work at these lesser known interweb joints
C.Brennan is also showing paintings at Glam Boutique in Albany Oregon through November

Friday, October 17, 2008

Darwin + Spock vs. Captain Kirk + River Dance = Mixed Species

People often wonder how we choose which new idea/product to release. The best way to describe this kind of process is a booze induced combo of Darwinism meets Spock vs. Captain Kirk in a vicious rendition of river dance.

Here Face McSpecies demonstrates the weathered look of a winning idea. One note to keep in mind for further research. Beer bottles don’t break as easily as it looks on TV!

Hey, maybe we can enter Face into a Halloween contest!?

“We are here for you!”
-the Mixed Species guys-

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba-----Best kids show ever!

Some of you with kids may already be hip to the thumping tower of radness that is Yo Gabba Gabba, if not take a little break from all the political garbage puking out of your box and tune in. I watch it with Oliver Bolan when I have the chance and have concluded it's may be the coolest kid show ever. Great Space Coaster, Muppet Show, Mr. Rodgers, 321 Contact, Reading Ranibow  are just a few great kids shows I remember loving from my youth,  chances are good that Yo Gabba Gabba will be the first show I remember loving from Oliver's youth. I wish I could say that I find more redeeming kid programming but it seems not to exist. Maybe I've just blocked mass amounts of total shat shows from my memory but I think it's more likely that contemporary kids television is disproportionately idiotic mind numbing robot consumer manufactures. Thank goodness Scott Schultz and Christian Jacobs dropped Yo Gabba Gabba on us! Check out the website here then enjoy the rad videos below.

And Don't forget Biz's beat of the day

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mixed Species 08' Halloween Costume Contest!!

As October got going we became kinda freaked that Etsy may not host a costume contest so we decided to rock one our selves! Everyone is invited!

Our goal in doing this contest is to have fun! Well and shameless self promotion but that goes without saying, so we take that back. Feel free to invite anyone you want to join, the more the merrier. There is no cost to enter and feel to use our group to promote your art as much as you'd like. Above is our entrance to last years Etsy contest, Gene Richard Simmons you can also check out the video (below) of him singing "Heavens on Fire" with local rock gods Saintan. Gene Richard was very drunk that night, as a matter of a fact shortly (yes that is freudian) after that video ended he ripped of his camo undies and exposed his funky junk on stage. Gene Richard was fired as spokesman for Deal A Meal & Kiss Army LLC. shortly (that's twice) there after.

In hosting a super loose event like this on flickr we are able to invite everyone regardless of etsy membership, paypal account, country or any of that jazz. In truth you don't even need a flickr account as long as you know someone who does and con them into submitting your costume for you.

Here is the Mixed Species Halloween Contest flickr group to join/enter.

Here's how it will work (so we think)

1st place a crisp $100 bill & #1 of the Let's French poster series

2nd place $50 shopping spree from the Mixed Species etsy store & #2 of the Let's French poster series

3rd place a purchasable positive review on our blog & #3 of the Let's French poster series

Enter as many times as you like.
There are no categories so you can enter what ever your mind and hands can create, that said please be moderately nice to animals.
Costume must be made mostly by hand.
All entries must be rad or some lame they are rad.
All entries must be in by 12am 11-01-08 (changed so people only have to put this crap on once).
Winners to be announced 11-03-08 on this blog and everywhere else we post, did I mention shameless self promotion.
The Mixed Species guys will contribute costumes but will not be competing (yes Corporate McSpecies that's directed at you bitch).
The Mixed Species guys are the judges so feel free to attempt bribes as I'm sure it wouldn't take much. A bidding war of bribes might be good plan.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mixed Species does WrenWillow in some HOT Artist ON Artist ACTION!

WrenWillow -

Like the phoenix designed for one of her baby onesies, WrenWillow will soon rise from the offal and debris of websites selling baby and children’s wear to heights of stardom! The Phoenix is one of the favorite symbols of our very own Face McSpecies. Face has often cited the legend of the Phoenix in explanation of his past love life. It’s only through the fiery crash and burn that one is cleansed enough to go out and make the same mistakes again! But we digress …

Upon first inspection you can’t help but notice WrenWillow’s beautiful artwork and the complete mastery of form of dragonflies and butterflies. As a shop of four guys our only suggestion would be if she made them robot dragonflies and butterflies. Or better yet, robot dragonfly and butterflies flying out from under a bloody rainbow holding the heads of the recently departed mates. (whoa, too much metal music lately) Our guess is this would be great fodder for the next deep clean found in a Billy Mays infomercial. But really, robots rule but robot dragonflies rule even more!

The MulberryPink Unicorn Kids Tees are perfect for both Isaac and Oliver McSpecies. The Pink Unicorn icon is a subtle reminder of what the Mixed Species guys spend our Etsy dough on. Our newest forms of alternative means of transportation are both Flying Unicorns for air travel and personal submarines when traveling by sea. The bottom line for us boils down to our mobility having the fashion sense of Freddy Mercury minus the reach arounds.

Another phenomenal WrenWillow product are her Diaper Covers! We'd suggest her diaper covers dyed in brown & yellow are perfect for us new fathers. We would coin the term "baby camo" for this particular tie died cover wash. Imagine we'd save a ton of water and energy not having to wash these covers. The stains would never show! We'd also suggest making the diaper covers reversible to double the wearing potential. Turn inside out and reverse to wear four times before “restaining” the same stain. We submit, it may not get any better than this!

Once again we are happy to award WrenWillow five out of five guaranteed Mixed Species stained diaper covers!

Have Fun!

-the Mixed Species guys-

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally some new shit from -the Mixed Species guys-

Often cited as single-handedly reviving the 70's scruffy tennis look we call Bjorn Borgasmic, Hairy McSpecies is seen here modeling our newest release "Let's French"!

We are pre-releasing this soon to be Holiday classic as the "Let's French" tagline has really become our Mixed Species mantra of late. With the current political, economical and environmental developments dominating the news we've decided it's better to take the ostrich and the sand approach. Instead of the ostrich it's our tongue and instead of the whole in the sand it's your mouth!

or as Hairy McSpecies himself says:

In times of many steadfast and conflicting opinions we need words that will unite us in respect and fellowship. We believe "Let's French" are those words! Sartre said in his classic No Exit, "Hell is other people" and that may very well be true at any moment other than those spent oral spelunking in some one's moist cave. This is no time for "henny penny the sky is falling" peck kiss action. Now is the time to move decisively, like you were still on recess hiding behind the gym in a knock out session overwhelmed with passion rid with dread over the coming break bell

This is the same fine image featured at the end of the m0ustache video.
A very few have been printed on green medium Bella womens fit shirts.

Let's French!!