Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sometimes it's hard to see a good pair of shoes go

And sometimes it's just too easy! 
I've been sporting the above pair of checkered Vans for the better part of five years now. They've supported me through much work, rad rock shows, fantastic art shows and many a Mixed Species photo shoot. The latter of which will ensure they live on beyond their physical life, most notably matching my dress in the you park like shit and oil whore sticker listings. Just look at the holes, ink and dirt rubbed into those bad boys, no one could contest the love that has anointed these work horses a shoe fave for a lifetime. Now just a shadow of their former selves my peers often joke "you can't stop wearing em now, they're almost sandals". I'm kinda a sick shoe dude, not in the sense that I have many pairs but more that I only really like em when all the sides get rounded off and the sole has formed to my funky feet and shnarfy toes like spam in the can. 
Okay enough blathering bout these old dogs, the new digs make it hard to feel too bad.
Last Saturday night Sara and I stayed at the Jupiter attending what was one of the best rock shows I've seen, Dungen (these guys are about the closest thing to rock gods you've never heard of). Prior to the gig we headed across the street to a nard crushing gallery The Grass Hut and from across the room I heard the siren call of the coolest slip ons in the history of the world. Designed by Bwana Spoons and produced by Dekline these are better than walking on the backs of angels! Bwana's killer whale image swimming all over with much gold and red trim, if there was a super hero that skated he would sport these bad mother fathers ten sizes too large with rhinestone socks and a unitard, so no one would miss these rad stompers. If you look close I glued some of my own gems on the side!

Best shoes ever!
Thanks Bwana and Grass Hut 

Here's a little taste of Dungen  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mixed Species 08 costume contest BIG Wieners!

A hard decision born from many a contentious debate, each wrought with blood boiling anger and extremely high milk fat content has brought us to this years BIG WIENERS.

1st place goes to Atomic Glass Works with the depth defying Krakken of which we have nick named "Release the Krackalacken Krackalacka". Atomic Glass Works will receive a crisp $100 bill and #1 of the Let's French poster series signed and numbered by Hairy McSpecies 

2nd Place Is a tie going to Shannons 1970 for Flower Pot Kid and Pile of Leaves Kid. We've often thought about burying our kids beneath flower beds and in piles of leaves. Shannons 1970 will receive a $50 credit from the Mixed Species etsy store and #2 of the Let's French poster series signed and numbered by Hairy McSpecies 

3rd Goes to Spin Swim for Ari, The Unicorn Master. Hairy said of this fine costume "damn that's the face I always hope to see looking back at me after I snort a huge line of coke from my unicorn engraved mini mirror" and with that 3rd place was filled. Spin Swim with receive a free Purchasable Positive Review and #3 of the Let's French poster series signed and numbered by Hairy McSpecies.

We are late in deciding/announcing the big winners and we are sorry for that hold that we are the Mixed Species guys so suck it.

In other news, today is election day and we can't shirk our public duty to mention it in some form or another... So go vote as many times as you can! Vote early, vote often.
Please remember, no matter what side you're on we'll get behind you, cause hey we love those darn dirty mud flaps!
If the thought a literal ton of hairy man meat sprinkling themselves with those cheap packets of au jus powder doesn't get your motor running you may take solace in the up coming family film "Who's Nalin Paylin". Poppa and Corporate McSpecies agree "Who's Nailin Paylin brings it in a way Brolin and Dryfuss just couldn't", no offense to Josh or Richard but I think we're all glad they didn't. Enjoy!

Thanks to all who contributed!
Have Fun!