Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hey Ho!

We have (and by "we" we mean Hairy McSpecies as the rest of the Mixed Species guys watch) been very busy recently working on a collaboration project with the lovely and talented Shawn Wolfe! As part of Shawn's National Gross Products line launches, we have been hand printing a set of posters and t-shirts to compliment this un-visionary.

So NOW is the time to get rid of that Creed poster in your living room. No one is buying the fact that you kept it out of "irony". We have packaged as set of five posters that will give people a little something to talk about the next time they come over. Currently Face McSpecies is hooked on the "Gladness Feeling". In fact he recently got caught in the bathroom having some "Gladness Feeling" and now has come up with a more unique setting / position for his "Gladness Feeling".

Whether it's a "Kick in the Nuts" or "Fish in Elephant" design you should immediately be able to spot who are your friends and who are your frenemies!

Have Fun!
-the Mixed Species guys-

Monday, February 22, 2010

One New Year's Resolution DOWN!

So, Hairy McSpecies and I go through random bouts of organization and business-like goal setting. Most recently we decided to get "serious" in 2010 and make some more Mixed Species cashish as we seem to spend it faster than we can make it. (insert Mixed Species Summit '09 link here) One of our business goals was to start making ourselves much more Blogasmic! So we headed down to blogger to create a Mixed Species Blog only to find out WE ALREADY HAVE ONE! OK, we promise to take better care of our blog and the one or two people who check to see if it's still on life support. Here's a quick list of blog topics and potential truth-hoods to happen this year in the Mixed Species compound:

1.) New tee and poster designs out the "YayWho".
2.) New collaborations with some of our heros.
3.) Mixed Species guys to CURATE (that's right CURATE) first gallery show.
- working title will be "Engorged National Pride"
4.) Plan yet another Mixed Species Summit.
5.) Follow through on the "Donkey Show" photo shoot idea.
6.) Create more Mixed Species videos.
7.) Face McSpecies might actually make something besides another baby.
8.) Poppa McSpecies to open his Bea Arthur Museum.
9.) We all salute Corporate McSpecies as he finally fell into a marriage!
10.) Begin writing Mixed Species book. "Doing the WRONG things the RIGHT way!"
11.) Oh shit, I almost forgot. Make MORE $$$!

We love you all in the face and look forward to meeting a few folks this year as another goal is to hit the craft show circuit harder than last year.

Face McSpecies