Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NEW RELEASE - Blood Cobra T-shirts

Hey you guys, after hurting your eyes with his art and photos, melting your nose with his hate hammer "natural pheromone" scent, Hairy McSpecies is now taking aim at your ear holes and buttoning up his trifecta of sensory disappointment. 

To complete this attack on your poor senses go listen to his heavy meathole band at the link below while staring at the photos that come up after a google image search for Hairy McSpecies. 

All medical bills should be sent directly to Rending For Humanity, Arm the Whales United or Stambers Geo-Jaguar auto sales in Cornvallis Oregon.


Oh, and about the actual product itself? Printed on black tees, Hairy McSpecies laid down the smoothest blood red and distressed off white that the human eye can handle. For this tee we utilized a "unisex" Canvas brand shirt. It's fit is similar to American Apparel but not so tight! 

If we sell enough shirts we promise to stop making this "music".