Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just announced!!!

Hairy McSpecies will kick off the "Got Mayo?" campaign as lead model and team captain. After many months of deliberation the International Confederation of Mayonnaise Corporations and it's affiliates, the Hydrogenated and Non Vegetable Oils Consortium and Egg Production Layers Anonymous gave Hairy his latest international modeling gig. Rumor has it that the ability to hold near three pounds of mayo in his beard propelled him to the winners podium leaving the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Brook Burke, Carnie Wilson, Joey McIntyre (NKOTB) and David Hasselhoff thrown to the sides of his wake like rag dolls. Following this photo Hairy licked his face near clean of mayo with his inordinately large tongue and proclaimed "Suck It Robots" to his crestfallen competitors.
Congrats Hairy! The Mixed Species flag has yet to fly as proud as it does today.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

HOT Artist ON Artist ACTION #3!

Mixed Species DOES beaded flowers?!

A Hairy McSpecies Testimonial -

Beautiful night blues and forest greens prance playfully in fields of whimsical pink fuchsia and lilac pedals. Summers mist meets the beaded shores as a brilliant glass sun rises, in the distance an outline appears..... A winged goddess graces a unicorn’s ornately beaded saddle. As the goddess caresses her stead’s horn with her a supple cheek, Hairy McSpecies screams FOREVERFLOWERS! Hairy woke in a cold sweat warmed only by a French Beaded Pink Iris down his Speedo.

Thank you for the memories ForeverFlowers

After checking out ForeverFlowers (we still can’t get over these) we don't think there's a kind of flower or plant she can’t bead. This doesn’t mean we don’t have a couple of beaded plant curve balls to throw at her. A couple of plants we'd like to see beaded would be:

1.) a beaded Venus Fly Trap including a removable beaded fly!
2.) A beaded series of super Blue Green Algae that we could float on a glass of water.

Poppa McSpecies has already expressed interest in ForeverFlowers’ beaded Harley Roses. Our guess is he intends to weave them into his beard as decoration on his next Harley tour up north to visit Hairy McSpecies. We wish we would have had one of her beaded flowers in the corsages for our first prom. It might of increased chances of getting lucky. Although it would of had to overcome being escorted to the prom in the back of mom's Datsun B510 Station Wagon, feathered hair and a date looking like Snuffleupagus!

Speaking of proms, there could be a tremendous “partnership” relationship between prom corsages marketed with bottles of Boone’s Wine in matching colors. Hey, don’t act like you don’t know what we are talking about! With the combination of a beaded corsage and a matching colored bottle of Boones, things might have been a little… better.

FOREVERFLOWERS’ Gothic Beaded Black Roses would make perfect gift for all the current day Goths. Nothing would please our lady Circe Nightshade more than being presented with one of FOREVERFLOWERS beaded black beauties from any of the Mixed Species guys aka The Beholders! Although in a truly experimental art form we would like to see this wonderful beadwork sewn into skin. Think about the beauty, dimension and depth these beads would give any tattoo.

Once again we wrap up this review with another perfect score of five out of five beaded flowers from FOREVERFLOWERS!

-the Mixed Species guys-

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HOT Artist ON Artist ACTION #2

Mixed Species HOT Artist ON Artist PUMPING ACTION!! (with evilmommy)

Oh, you thought you could stump us with this one.

We’ve always known people were crazy about cigar boxes but were never sure why until we took a close look at evilmommy’s etsy shop! Perfectly placed gem stones add balance and pizzazz to these boxes already rich in the odor of honey suckle, lime and musk rat. You can’t go wrong with the Plexi Lid Woodcase (in case your forget what you put in it) and the Saint Luis Rey, Opus X and Heaven Wood (get it?) were some of our favorites

Thank god Evil Mommy's angelic hands of cigar box adornment only go into action after the stogies have been removed. If they didn't we'd probably end up choking a few down along with the gross of Cohiba's we smuggle back from Havana annually. And trust us, it’s much cooler to be a Cigar Smuggler than a Sausage Smuggler …

Face McSpecies recently dared Hairy McSpecies to sport his evilmommy murse (yes – a murse is a man purse) to the local cage fights and though Hairy came back with a torn dress he reassured all that it was caused by the legions of fans fighting for an autograph.

Now perusing all of these fine containers of potentially illegally imported cigars really got us in a Scarface type mood. In fact the” Mixed Species Story” movie scripts we are shopping are more of a mix of Scarface and Dune with a slathering of Deliverance. Anyway, this rationale provided us with a couple of extra product ideas for evilmommy, free of charge from the Mixed Species guys.

Idea #1 – we’d like to see the evilmommy jump on the Hallmark bandwagon with cigar boxes that say a phrase when you open them up. Our two favorites from Scarface would be
-“Say Good Night to the Bad Guy”

and our personal favorite:

-“Your womb is so polluted, you can’t even give me a baby”.

In fact the Mixed guys would give each other the second phrased box ALL day!

Idea #2 – these boxes are so nice (especially the Onyx Reserve) we’d like to suggest evilmommy targets a new audience and sells them to pet mortuaries. We can’t think of a better burial place for Peety the Parakeet than in an Onyx Reserve. In fact, she even has a box called Pony Box which would be perfect if we could reserve 60 for when our pet pony passes. So sublime …. yet serene!

On a scale of guaranteed five out of five stars, we give Evil Mommy five stars

“New and Unproved”
-the Mixed Species guys-