Sunday, July 27, 2008

HOT Artist ON Artist ACTION #3!

Mixed Species DOES beaded flowers?!

A Hairy McSpecies Testimonial -

Beautiful night blues and forest greens prance playfully in fields of whimsical pink fuchsia and lilac pedals. Summers mist meets the beaded shores as a brilliant glass sun rises, in the distance an outline appears..... A winged goddess graces a unicorn’s ornately beaded saddle. As the goddess caresses her stead’s horn with her a supple cheek, Hairy McSpecies screams FOREVERFLOWERS! Hairy woke in a cold sweat warmed only by a French Beaded Pink Iris down his Speedo.

Thank you for the memories ForeverFlowers

After checking out ForeverFlowers (we still can’t get over these) we don't think there's a kind of flower or plant she can’t bead. This doesn’t mean we don’t have a couple of beaded plant curve balls to throw at her. A couple of plants we'd like to see beaded would be:

1.) a beaded Venus Fly Trap including a removable beaded fly!
2.) A beaded series of super Blue Green Algae that we could float on a glass of water.

Poppa McSpecies has already expressed interest in ForeverFlowers’ beaded Harley Roses. Our guess is he intends to weave them into his beard as decoration on his next Harley tour up north to visit Hairy McSpecies. We wish we would have had one of her beaded flowers in the corsages for our first prom. It might of increased chances of getting lucky. Although it would of had to overcome being escorted to the prom in the back of mom's Datsun B510 Station Wagon, feathered hair and a date looking like Snuffleupagus!

Speaking of proms, there could be a tremendous “partnership” relationship between prom corsages marketed with bottles of Boone’s Wine in matching colors. Hey, don’t act like you don’t know what we are talking about! With the combination of a beaded corsage and a matching colored bottle of Boones, things might have been a little… better.

FOREVERFLOWERS’ Gothic Beaded Black Roses would make perfect gift for all the current day Goths. Nothing would please our lady Circe Nightshade more than being presented with one of FOREVERFLOWERS beaded black beauties from any of the Mixed Species guys aka The Beholders! Although in a truly experimental art form we would like to see this wonderful beadwork sewn into skin. Think about the beauty, dimension and depth these beads would give any tattoo.

Once again we wrap up this review with another perfect score of five out of five beaded flowers from FOREVERFLOWERS!

-the Mixed Species guys-

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LazyTcrochet said...

ahhh I can't get the speedo out of my head now! great review guys