Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mixed Species to Host Weekend Kegel Clinic!

OK, maybe it's not always better to do what you want now and beg forgiveness later but we do apologize for our lack of blog updates. We have been cranking out a ton of new products and will show our blog some much needed pampering. Here's a little preview:

1.) Mixed Species Guest Artist Series! Our guest artist collaborinos are going splendidly! We are getting ready to launch another new design. Here is a shot of just one in the series.

2.) MixedSpecies all up in your twitter! Come follow us on twitter. It's like a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year car wreck. Or maybe we'll get smart and figure out how to do the little twitter updatey bloggety thing.

3.) Check out our growing customer appreciation photo section on flickr. You wouldn't believe what our customers send to us.

That should be more than enough for now. We've also finished off another 5-6 new designs and items in our etsy shop so feel free to browse!

Have Fun!
-the Mixed Species guys-

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We know, we know we've been awfully quiet lately. Well sometimes it takes a lot of focus to create a masterpiece like this! We are proud to announce the first release in our signature scented series of products called BONCH!

Not only that but the product photos show Hairy McSpecies taking the lead in the best male tramps stamp contest going on at Mixed Species HQ!

Let us know what you are thinking!

-the Mixed Species guys-

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Which logo for Sound Collector??!!

As earlier posted on this blog and several other MixedSpecies media outlets, we are starting a new project based on sound collection and sampling. (creatively titled Sound Collector) We've set up a voicemail line for all of our Cult of Mixed Species minions to call in and let us know what's on their minds.

Will we turn them into another Mixed Species one-hit-wonder ala Moustache, into a Mystery Science Theateresque weekly podcast or immortalize your words on refridgerator magnets we don't know. Hell, there's a good chance one of us will get what every you say tattoo'd in a special place.

We've worked ever so intimately once again with our good friend Mike Fairchild aka Mike Fairchild to come up with three different logos for this project. Which one should we choose? Leave us some feedback love and we'll be eternally grateful!

Have Fun!
-the Mixed Species guys-

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things that make you go hmm

I've been there and that is not at all how I would describe my experience.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random message phone

1-541-752-0238 is our random message/sound collection line
Please call as many times as you like at what ever time you like and leave us what ever sound or message you like.
We'll change the recording often for your entertainment.

What what?!

Last week Jessica of For The Birds (Etsy) let us know that she had seen the above pic of Hairy on Reddit. Shortly after that it was picked up on a few other sites and as of now it has over 130,000 views! The notes people have written about this gem have just been the funniest thing you can imagine. On Digg I read about the wolf shirt people felt Hairy should don and that it should have a hole cut out over the breast nipple area to show his crusty tattoo. This pencil drawing soon to be featured on antiques road show was found on www.thing-a-day.com and is the finest example of American folk art we've come across. On another note there was some debate as to whether the sign was real or not, we did not make it but found it in lovely Albany, Oregon. To us a sign like that is born from some genius we've not yet tapped into though we aspire to it heartily. This image and many other like it can be found on the Mixed Species flickr page. 

Have Fun!
-the Mixed Species guys-  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mixed Species Brother from a different Mother!

As Face McSpecies seeds the Mixed Species garden of San Francisco he couldn't help but be "amazed" by the talent of one photographer. Pedro L. Pedro could very well be a Mixed brother from a different south of the border mother. Pedro we salute you! Keep takin' your damn cool photos!

Peace n' Bacon Grease!
-the Mixed Species guys-

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hot Pounding artist On Artist Action!! Reviews Beady Monkey

Hailing from that small western sea of "goberment" workers and prisoners comes Beady Monkey one of Esty's coolest jewelery peeps. In dissing Beady's home base Salem, Oregon we should not forget that it's also home to many a fine sanitarium including the one (soon to be torn down) featured in Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Hairy is now filming the remake playing the Nicholson role (click here for details). Beady has long been tightly held in our hearts, buying random stuff from us and often including fun pictures with her feedback. Short of liquor, other inebriants or copious amounts of undeserved accolades funny pictures are a sure way to make our moufs foam and manties moist.

Beady's shop is not only full of fine jewelry but leads one down a variable shopping tunnel of love. You'll walk away with a book in front of your snack pack or weak knees after sucking on sights like the Rapture of Love pendant or Elle, also known as "the bone maiden". The subtlety of romance in Beady's shop is sprinkled about like the flower pedals that encircle Poppa McSpecies round spinning bed (Poppa's sexy setup). Take the Little Locks of Love earring set for instance, the beautifully ornate silver tone lock and key are adorned with a small heart each resting on a red glass disc. 

Beady is not a bashful gal and takes her admiration of nature on with the same crushing vengeance that she brings to world of love. Like a flaming harpy bearing her breast of malice to the dark force of the mass production overlord.  She gores the dark lord with her deft staff and screams in gargles whilst drinking from his foul offings, we all kneel in awe of her unrelenting strongth. 
Whoa whoa whoa! 
Back to nature and animals and such. Beady's group of bird pendants really blew us away! We agreed that if Morgan's tree had birds like that of Beady's Pretty Bird or Wise Owl, King Arthur would have hung himself up and fed his own eyeballs to those sharp looking avian pimps. Come on now an obscure reference to the movie Excalibur should be no surprise at this point in the paragraph.          

The Luck Be A Lady Tonight necklace also caught our eye in hopes to roll a custom Beady order for Luck Be A Cup Of Gravy tonight. We have a TON to learn from Beady! Check out the last shot in this series! Now that is how you deliver.

As a side note in an otherwise completely coherent review the Red Umbrella in Beady's Umbrella series reminds us of this great Kostars song of the same name. Also the Aqua Mans Treasure listing is beautiful but not at all what our drug addled minds had expected.

Beady Monkey slays us on all levels and we gleefully give her five out of five freshly washed guaranteed thumbs up!

As a reminder please click on all the colored text as we go to great lengths to provide quality links for your viewing pleasure. If you're interested in getting your own purchasable guaranteed positive review from Mixed Species click here

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A feeble attempt to clear the air prior to the trashings of grocery store print rags

So I helped my dear old friend Jessica Simpson rock a couple of duets on her recent state fair mini tour. I didn't think it would raise such a stink but I guess there's just not enough failed plastic surgery or expensive divorces to keep the pages full these days. I'm not porking her with any commitment, she nor I are pregnant and yes I did and do support the high waist jeans with double leopard belt. Her shirt is where I join in the fashion dissent, it should have had cascading waterfalls of glittery tassels and if I had my druthers it would have been pink to match the uggs I picked up for her. Of course she didn't sport em as they were a bit on the tight side. 

This jazz is hitting the stands and now there is blood in the water, already and I can see the shark fins jutting up like rockets over Gaza. With next weeks release of the Hairy N Geri (Halliwell aka Ginger Spice) duet this should be a feeding frenzy. Just let me set the record straight I'm not cashing in my social capital on Hollywoods sweepings, I'm just rolling around with friends having a good time. Lets also just say at the out set no one has a deathly illness, is getting married or divorced, yes there is lots of sex and lots and lots of drugs and none of us are going to rehab or writing books about god or the straight life EVER. EVER!

That said keep posted for the Hairy N Geri stuff that's to be out in the next week give or take. Tell all the tabloids that unless they give us what we want we're not buying their sloppy rags. Think I can speak for all when I say, we want some dirty pics of a Joan Biaz, Roy Orbison, Paula Abdul and Jonas Brothers orgy. Yes I mean Roy now, don't knock till you try it the meat is falling right off his bone.

Have Fun!
Hairy McSpecies 

Friday, January 30, 2009

It's just another day peeps

Some artists have the uncanny ability to ferret out truths from our cruel and ironic world with  just a few simple words, Shawn Wolfe and Kurt Vonnegut (rip) come to mind. Headlines or the "random" grouping of headlines often offers another vantage point into the irony of human toils.

Today I was struck when I read the top two headlines (above) on the Yahoo front page.
Economy shrinks 3.8 percent: biggest drop in almost 27 years
Exxon Mobil breaks it's own record with $45.2 billion in profit
This quote from Kurt Vonnegut came right to mind "nothing makes billionaires of millionaires like war and economic depression". I then walked to my kitchen to see an art piece from Shawn Wolfe that made me smile in light of my prior thoughts. It's a carved sign that reads "I'm Nauseously Optimistic".

Starring into the abyss and thinking "you know what sounds good, a BLT with extra mayo and a deep tongue kiss from a mildly drunk plus size model".

Let's French!
Hairy McSpecies 


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Humans put monkeys throwing poop to shame

Frankly nothing can brighten our day like good signage!
We've touched on this theme often in light of the joy universally shared at the expense of people's public humiliation. A notion not at all lost on our Hairy McSpecies!

Our first sign is one we've long adored. Located on the west side of I-5 just south of Salem, directly across from Enchanted Forest. We are late in the game grabbing a pic of this keeper as the mossy green beard of our dear pacific northwest has dulled the subtle nuances of redneck rattle can action. With the economic outlook as poor as it seems, this artisan should have ample interest in reiterating their lack of desire to sell this coveted property to the throngs of potential buyers. As a side note this trailer, fifth wheel, mobil weapons lab, feed trough,  virginity disposal or what ever you want to call it is located just a few miles from BeadyMonkey, the focus of our next purchasable positive review.   

Our second sign comes from a fine "barbar" shop in bottle tossing distance of the local Salvation Army. The real gem of this sign is not the inevitable vision of an elephant happily clipping away at the hair of some dude a la Rin Tin Tin but the realization that this simple sandwich board sign marks the funking Home Of The Fade. In lieu of this fadetastic signage we thought we'd include this rad youtube vid.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New years nonsense.....

Above are two photos of my favorite shirt in the entire world! This gem was bestowed on me by a hip ink rep I met while in Seattle known as Spanky. Spanky was so cool in fact that he not only  introduced my early twenties self to Mr. Bukowski  but was also a infrequent guest on KCMU's (now KEXP) "Shake the shack" the finest of rockabilly shows one could hope to hear. Here a decade later I'm still sporting this fine tee though it's merely a ghost at this point. The second picture above was actually taken through this poor relic! Seeing that I'm only shy about a twelve pack before I beerbelly hulk out of the bad mother trucker, I've decided to break a long standing tradition in it's honor. Up until this year I've made an annual ritual of resolving to never resolve anything to myself, in this was I never disappoint myself as no one is more keenly aware of my lack of self discipline than myself. Hold that, my wife prolly knows better but I would be a close second. That said, I Hairy McSpecies will not stop wearing my Bukowski shirt till it falls off my body or my wife hides it in a feeble attempt to save some vestige of her near exasperated dignity (she does have to be seen with me from time to time).
Hope everyone had a fine New Year!
Have fun!
Hairy McSpecies 
If you drink a mass amount of bloody mary's then puke in your hot tub at three in morning do not expect the filtration system be able to clean it.