Thursday, May 7, 2009


We know, we know we've been awfully quiet lately. Well sometimes it takes a lot of focus to create a masterpiece like this! We are proud to announce the first release in our signature scented series of products called BONCH!

Not only that but the product photos show Hairy McSpecies taking the lead in the best male tramps stamp contest going on at Mixed Species HQ!

Let us know what you are thinking!

-the Mixed Species guys-


JillHannah said...


That photo is amazing. Have you guys thought about doing a calendar? Maybe a charity calendar for victims of something really horrible, since part of me suddenly feels like the victim of something really horrible.
And yet I want more...

Mixed Species said...

Welcome to our jungle JillHannah!

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Omagawwwd is just the word for it. And I absolutely love the idea of a calendar. Maybe June or July with him in a speedo. ugh

Knot By Gran'ma said...

Never fail to make me smile... awesome.