Sunday, January 4, 2009

New years nonsense.....

Above are two photos of my favorite shirt in the entire world! This gem was bestowed on me by a hip ink rep I met while in Seattle known as Spanky. Spanky was so cool in fact that he not only  introduced my early twenties self to Mr. Bukowski  but was also a infrequent guest on KCMU's (now KEXP) "Shake the shack" the finest of rockabilly shows one could hope to hear. Here a decade later I'm still sporting this fine tee though it's merely a ghost at this point. The second picture above was actually taken through this poor relic! Seeing that I'm only shy about a twelve pack before I beerbelly hulk out of the bad mother trucker, I've decided to break a long standing tradition in it's honor. Up until this year I've made an annual ritual of resolving to never resolve anything to myself, in this was I never disappoint myself as no one is more keenly aware of my lack of self discipline than myself. Hold that, my wife prolly knows better but I would be a close second. That said, I Hairy McSpecies will not stop wearing my Bukowski shirt till it falls off my body or my wife hides it in a feeble attempt to save some vestige of her near exasperated dignity (she does have to be seen with me from time to time).
Hope everyone had a fine New Year!
Have fun!
Hairy McSpecies 
If you drink a mass amount of bloody mary's then puke in your hot tub at three in morning do not expect the filtration system be able to clean it. 

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