Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hot Pounding artist On Artist Action!! Reviews Beady Monkey

Hailing from that small western sea of "goberment" workers and prisoners comes Beady Monkey one of Esty's coolest jewelery peeps. In dissing Beady's home base Salem, Oregon we should not forget that it's also home to many a fine sanitarium including the one (soon to be torn down) featured in Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Hairy is now filming the remake playing the Nicholson role (click here for details). Beady has long been tightly held in our hearts, buying random stuff from us and often including fun pictures with her feedback. Short of liquor, other inebriants or copious amounts of undeserved accolades funny pictures are a sure way to make our moufs foam and manties moist.

Beady's shop is not only full of fine jewelry but leads one down a variable shopping tunnel of love. You'll walk away with a book in front of your snack pack or weak knees after sucking on sights like the Rapture of Love pendant or Elle, also known as "the bone maiden". The subtlety of romance in Beady's shop is sprinkled about like the flower pedals that encircle Poppa McSpecies round spinning bed (Poppa's sexy setup). Take the Little Locks of Love earring set for instance, the beautifully ornate silver tone lock and key are adorned with a small heart each resting on a red glass disc. 

Beady is not a bashful gal and takes her admiration of nature on with the same crushing vengeance that she brings to world of love. Like a flaming harpy bearing her breast of malice to the dark force of the mass production overlord.  She gores the dark lord with her deft staff and screams in gargles whilst drinking from his foul offings, we all kneel in awe of her unrelenting strongth. 
Whoa whoa whoa! 
Back to nature and animals and such. Beady's group of bird pendants really blew us away! We agreed that if Morgan's tree had birds like that of Beady's Pretty Bird or Wise Owl, King Arthur would have hung himself up and fed his own eyeballs to those sharp looking avian pimps. Come on now an obscure reference to the movie Excalibur should be no surprise at this point in the paragraph.          

The Luck Be A Lady Tonight necklace also caught our eye in hopes to roll a custom Beady order for Luck Be A Cup Of Gravy tonight. We have a TON to learn from Beady! Check out the last shot in this series! Now that is how you deliver.

As a side note in an otherwise completely coherent review the Red Umbrella in Beady's Umbrella series reminds us of this great Kostars song of the same name. Also the Aqua Mans Treasure listing is beautiful but not at all what our drug addled minds had expected.

Beady Monkey slays us on all levels and we gleefully give her five out of five freshly washed guaranteed thumbs up!

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Beady Monkey said...

You awe me in your incredible ability to know all my meanings and musings when creating my mini master pieces! I send much love your way for all the love you just sent me..... I shall skip today to work today, lets hope I don't end up at the state hospital for it.

Big AL said...

You have captured the nature my fair Harpy in a positive light. I have known Beady Monkey going on 10yrs now.(and am still amazed that she hasn't torn me to shreds yet) This should prove her tolerence of us more common folk by being friends with a person that loves 80's music and dumb comedies. I always enjoy being educated on what new and interesting sites she has found on the big world of the internet. And hands down my favorite has been Mixed Species. I am looking forward to spreading the decals of Mixed Species with a devilish smile and wicked thoughts onto unexpecting Salem residents with my parnter in crime Beady Monkey! Oh yeah...she makes cool jewelry too!!!

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