Thursday, March 27, 2008

HEY, Nice Rack!

A few years ago we heard that deer were going to be the next "big" thing.

If that’s the case we thought mutant deer-elk-deer should even be bigger! When we first created our "Nice Rack" T Shirts, we thought the name was a funny play on words! After numerous requests to create a women’s line of "Nice Rack" shirts we have happily obliged! Bonus Points for confusing anyone you may know who hunts and will want to know why you have a shirt on with some sort of elk or deer with four back legs and WAY to many horns!

This shirt is available on a Chestnut brown Gildan tee for men and on a chocolate brown American Apparel girl’s tee. You can find them here:

or sign up to win one on our monthly shopping spree giveway at:

Musically this shirt "pairs" VERY well the song "Burning Beard" by Clutch. We feel the Southern tinged crunchy sounds of Clutch match up well with the Americana symbolism of the deer-elk-deer. Our liquid "pairing" of this shirt would be a case of Miller High Life. The crisp, light beer will be needed to wash down the heavy sounds of Clutch. If anyone gives you grief about Miller High Life just remind them it's the "Champagne of Beers". It says so on the box!

-the Mixed Species guys-


DC Designs said...

Welcome to the evil land of blogdom!
I'll add you to my most awesome sidebar of very specially selected blog links on my blog when I get a freakin second to stop and smell the bacon.

pamela said...

to answer today's blog title,

"why thank you"


Nice pairing with music and drink suggestions.
Now I will have a complete package.

there I go again.