Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who was Gary Gygax?!!

If you don’t know, check out this awesome article on Fantasy is Love:

We even got lucky enough to have our Dungeon Master shirt featured in the article.

Looks like those weekends in the basement drinking Jolt Cola and drawing maps on graph paper paid off!


-the (semi-chaotic) Mixed Species guys-


TotusMel said...

Congrats on having your shirt featured...I can't imagine not knowing who he was. I mean, what kind of games would we be playing now without him!

Marissa Fischer said...

ooh I need to go save that shirt for my hubby who's band just recorded a D&D themed song and they're now working on other craziness, I'm sure they'll all want one

congrats on the feature

Mary Helen Scribble Nation said...

I truly knew I was a geek the day I chose playing D&D with my boyfriend over making out. God speed Gary!

Do all geeks go to heaven?

PamperingBeki said...

Mmmm Jolt cola!

All the caffeine and twice the sugar! (Wasn't that their slogan?)

Congrats on the feature! You guys deserve it. You do such a great job with your marketing.

Art Kitten said...

RIP Gary Gygax, he brought me many long hours of reveling in the idea that maybe I really could be an elf warrior.

Hey, I love your shop, it is one of my favorites!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, what a shame he has passed away.

But on a brighter note, awesome to be featured and that Dragon Master shirt is pretty radicool!