Thursday, August 8, 2013

Martin Ontiveros Primaries from Mixed Species, in it's third, final and thickest leg!

We're so excited, we just can't hide, blah blah blah, dump a bunch of water on us while we're wearing leggings and being all sexy in chair. Then crack us up side the head with a cudgel for not only thinking such an asinine thing but waisting the energy writing it. Now make that bucket of water a bucket of virgin goats blood and we're back in business!

The final third of the Martin Ontiveros Primary collection came in yesterday and will hit the presses early next week. The all new Bat-Phomet rounds out the yellow while  Three Slayer Dragon holds down the red and Pentaclops brings it, in blue.

Keep your psycho eyes ready for the Three Way Platinum Edition Martin Ontiveros Primary Classic Luxury Deluxe Gold Listing! Which is just an ass load of wasted words to promote buying all three shirts at the same time and getting a deal, which chances are you don't deserve because you either know us or buy crap from us and we are generally stinky terrible people. Thus, vicariously, chances are good, that you're also a stinky terrible person that doesn't deserve a deal. We'll be giving you one anyways because we're also stinky terrible people and we can empathize with being stinky and terrible.  
The mighty Petaclops

Soul crushing Three Slayer Dragon

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