Sunday, September 14, 2008

Art we own and love, Arbito

Arbito is from Seattle and is one of the nicest most talented cats one could happen to meet. I was introduced to Arbito and his wife Snaggs (also a fantastic artist, we'll get to her in the future) through my wife in 1997, we've been following their radical popish creations ever since. I often joke to my wife that Arbito must be some sort of closet engineer as much of his art is not just painted but is multi dimensional.    

The top piece is titled Motion Notion and is far and away my favorite thing in the house. Please keep in mind this is coming from Hairy McSpecies and I not only have most of the MS stock in my house but a full keg on tap in my garage. I took a quarter angle shot of Motion Notion so you could see the layered rainbow concentric head shapes of the headband sporting hippy fox. 

Next are two in a series of 14 (or more!) characters that Arbito has created, you can check out more in the series here. The coolness of this series just blows me away! Arbito has created a silk screen with a bicycle on it, he prints the same bike in the same place on rectangular wood painted white then paints one of his fabulous characters over that. Super cool super genius!

We also own a couple of rock posters Arbito designed a number of years back. They hang in my office and I did not have time to photo them before posting this blog. Needless to say rad work for rad bands. The poster Arbito did for Aphex Twin can be folded like origami to make the A shape of the Aphex Twin logo. I know dudes, totally mind blowing!

You can find out more of Arbito and his fantastically talented family on myspace
Don't forget flickr!

Below are two you tube vids of Arbito art in action   

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