Friday, September 19, 2008

Missemilygene's HOT Artist ON Artist Review!

Missemilygene aka Ashbury Lane

It’s not too often we come across a shop with the
diversity of not only highly polished graphic design
capabilities and services
but also a homage to
George Carlin’s 7 dirty words! This “review” is
going to be fun!
Magnet Sets

insect magnet set would be a great way to capture
the various entomology found in the pants of the Mixed
Species guys. Our code word for this product would be
“Crotchstacean”. And what better a way to redirect
attention from your ugly fridge than
Isaac Hayes?
Better yet, if you have a “thing” for overrated wall
eyed manorexic singers there’s always a
Thom York magnet!

*note to selves –start a doom metal Radiohead cover band
called WallEye!
Jewelry – Ear/Necklace sets:
After explaining the “Crotchstacean” project to the
various Mrs. Mixed Species we’ll definitely be in need of
Missemilygene’s jewelry! We’d start with the
AquaPod earrings or perhaps the Bang Bang earrings.
Although the irresistible innuendos of giving Bang Bang
earrings would probably lead us right back to the doghouse.
Maybe we play it safe and go for the
Dimensional Olive Glass Pendant.
Skeleton Keys:
Don’t even get us started on the Skeleton Keys! Where did
they come from? Hairy McSpecies suggested they may be used to pick
chastity belts and
Face McSpecies wonders if missemilygene is some sort of
closet diary hacker!?

Graphic Design

We’ve been looking for an accurate way to capture the
of -the Mixed Species guys-
. Primarily we’ve experimented
with the senses of taste and smell but perhaps
would be the best way to capture what IS Mixed Species. Maybe we can get one in scratch and sniff.
This, our new friends is how you get FIVE out of FIVE
Mixed Species thumbs up! Yes, there’s only four
Mixed Species guys. (you do the math)

Have Fun!
-the Mixed Species guys-

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