Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cozy Cabin Creations in the middle of Hot Pounding Artist On Artist Action!

Cozy Cabin Creations is a stone cold fox esty seller of whom creates plush wearable goods for the enitre fam. Cozy also rolls her own blog and walks amongst the stars as a member of Cafemoms Etsy Moms. We've been trying to infiltrate Cafemoms Etsy Moms group for a while now so we are taking this review as a sign that our natural pheromones have wafted their direction. 

Secretly luring distracted parents to their kids by way of the Football Team Pillowcase Dresses 
Cozy Cabin creates beautiful, subtle and powerful tools for parents to leverage a little family unity. Poppa was wondering if he could get an adult sized NFL pillowcase dress as his wife always seems more in the mood when he puts his NFL pillowcase over his head.
Please keep in mind we've used the terms like "parents" and "kids" rather than moms, dads, daughters or sons as we are well aware of families not always fitting into the nuclear family box. The McSpecies family is as far from norm as families get, Katherine Dunn wrote a book loosely based on our family called Geek Love.

While checking out Cozy's fabulous  etsy store Face McSpecies went from his usual dashing handsome self to near tears. We all understood when he explained that two of Cozy's products brought up hard memories of a Eugene ren faire love story gone awry. Seems Face fully embracing the ren faire lifestyle was drowned in mead with a chaw full of sour pig when a beautiful maiden wearing the U of O pillowcase dress beckoned him with her siren call to the back of a horse stall. It may have been the poor lighting or double vision that got Face there in the first place but neither were around to hide the truth in the morning light. Poor Face woke snuggling tightly with the not so fair and even less so maiden under a blanket with the same print as Cozy's A Family Outing Buck Fawn and Doe Rustic Table Runner. Face humming Lola boogied out as quietly as possible with his heart in one hand and dignity in other, this time it was the siren call of the mead barrels that caught him off guard. Face woke the next morning back in the horse stall and not alone.

Cozy's fabulously plush Eyelash Scarfs are finely crafted on her loom of eternal cremglocksnar . Yes we made up that word, we define it as; a golden encrusted object that spews forth the cream of crafty goodness like a pornicorn (2) on speed. After that fine definition all should grok cremglocksnar fully.

Corporate was just smitten with Cozy's aprons. The Transformers was his fave while Oliver is leaning to the Go Diego Go model. Sorry folks just gotta say that as Oliver's father I've watch many Diego shows. I can't think of a cartoon I would rather see have their vocal chords ripped out by glass laden flaming battle axes dripping with hot acid. Say click, take a pic!
Poppa was not about to let us leave off without sharing his excitement to find the Matching Mommy/Child Christmas Aprons. Let's keep it a secret but Poppa plans to score this one for he and his little guy.

We give Cozy Cabin Creations 5 guaranteed pounding "smell my" thumbs up!


kim* said...

ho ho ho Christmas is coming! love the apron.

Anonymous said...

Cozy IS a SUPER SEXY Etsy Mom!
What a great review of a great Foxy Momma!

Levityinbrevity said...

that cozy sure is a hot mama. Her pillow case dress are hot too.

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

You've been tagged! I know you guys are like all busy and stuff, but have a look at my blog to see what I mean. Hope you'll participate!