Friday, September 12, 2008

Precisin Muffer found!

I can't believe it, two (Turdles was the first)radical "fun with english" sign finds in one month ! I think I'm huked on fonix. The great thing about signs like this is that we don't have to do anything but hang out and enjoy them. Muffer from (check out the other fine muff terms to the left). Another random and funny find this week was this youtube video of some spanish rocker kids air banding (or something) to Grasping Air a rad song from our good friend Travis's band Yob. 


LeaKarts said...

There's nothing like a precise muffer!

eclectic_e said...

OK, OK...Muffer is funny, but-no mention of "precisin" being wrong too? Maybe, the painter was stoned. Oh I got it! Maybe it was an illiterate lesbian that painted the sign.


pastasauce said...

9+ months later, it still hasn't been fixed. I wish Google Street View caught it, but they didn't.