Friday, August 8, 2008

Hot Pounding Artist On Artist Action!! Reviews Least Likely 2 Breed

Least Likely 2 Breed brings to us a scrumptiously sweet triple layer cake of an Etsy storegasm. Starting with a super cool shop name then treating us to product titles and descriptions that bring rosey cheeks to even Poppa McSpecies. If LL2B was voted Least Likely 2 Breed we would have to contest it as either we've already bred with her or it's time to ask the age old question "got any Mixed Species in ya......".

We predict that Roid Rage The Classiest Flashiest Hemorrhoid Remedy on the Planet will eventually end up being the blue collar workers Blarney Stone. When this vision comes to pass please let any ill informed folk know that it's easier to kiss what's in the can than what's been applied. Corporate McSpecies's roid garden actually sang For He's a Jolly Good Fellow after his first usage. Though the sound was muffled by a fine leather seat but he felt it added a sense of urgency to the piece. 

Another back door surprise crowning from Least Likely 2 Breed's glistening soft pelt is the Bad Ass Booty balm (diaper ointment). Of which was not only featured in the May 2008 issue of PREGNANCY magazine but we have it on good authority was also given in gift baskets at the last Jerry Springer family show "Adult Babies and the trans that love them". This balm doubles as an ass shoe horn when Poppa McSpecies dawns his youth sized silver stretch pants, Leslie eat your heart out. 

Now don't let this lead you to think Least Likely 2 Breed is an all fudge shop, not at all she accommodates where lemonade is made also! Mother Effers Va-J-J Jelly is no pussys lube or um well, weenies or suckers uh scratch that or uh rub, no......Hmmmmmm. See this is kinda hard ooh um difficult for us, I mean she already beat us to "Too dry for a bone?" and "Better than spit" in her Mother Effers product description. I guess suffice it to say we would pick Mother Effers Va-J-J Jelly to smoothe up in ya for any pork session, long or long cause it's just a damn fine can of lube. Not to mention how cool is it to roll home to your mate with a CAN of lube rather than those plastic squirter things.         

Moving up the body (less if you wear tie die and pacthouli) we come to Tough Titties Nipple Rub a fine balm if ever there was one. As dudes with kids we have heard intimately the pain nursing moms deal with not to mention no one likes coming away from a loving nibble with a chunk in their mouth. Did you hear that Miss Jay? Whether you're taking em or giving em chunks = bad! Notice the photos (above) of Hairy's enlarged nipple that was taken following the Miss Jay passion attack and the photo taken after treatment with Tough Titties Nipple Rub. 

Hands down as in we are on our hands and knees with supple lips up and roids out giving Least Likely 2 Breed five out of five guaranteed once inflamed now soothed stars.


Cherry Lane Jane said...

I love the name they pick for their stuff.....great review!

TheresaJ said...

Fun spotlight and great write up on this Etsy shop with useful yet edgy products. We can always count on you to find the eclectic, edgy, interesting, humerous, and downright funny. Thanks!