Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hairy McSpecies launches myspace page

Hairy will update his myspace page with photos often and soon create a blog to dish the dirt on the elite glitterati and Hollywood rabble rowsers he rolls with around this big world of ours. Just back from Jamaica's coast with Victoria's Secret (see above pic) he's now off to Iceland hosting a fundraiser for Rendering For Humanity (a nonprofit that turns unwanted mammals to glue for crafters of third world nations). Hairy will also use this page to convey his ardent belief in having fun. Fun and friendship supercedes all!

Keep your eyes peeled for a Hairy McSpecies appearance as a guest judge on America's Next Top Model! We snuck out the above photo from the filming last week, Hairy said about the show "dudes, that scene is total backwoods". Hairy later explained that Twiggy spent the entire shoot attempting to "tapper" (flicking a fellows balls when he's not looking) Nigel Barker while Miss Jay made Hairy puke in his mouth a little on four separate occasions. We have to give kudos to Miss Jay for what ever extremely crass act she came up with as to make any of the MS boys heave is no small feat.
All we have is now, have fun!
quote from Hairy McSpecies circa 1912


Treasures by Tina said...

Excellent! Can't wait to read more! :p

Jessica Torrant said...

Looks like Hairy and Miss Jay have a close bond, nonetheless. It's what the show has been missing all along. I think Hairy should give soap operas a go. At least a few guest appearances.

Andra said...

You guys rock my world. Can't see the new site yet because our IS dept. has no sense of humor and doesn't understand the social significance of access to MySpace. I shall have to wait until I get to my own little home and my own little Mac to be edified. Will you be posting any pics of the MP Spawn?

Carry on.

Cherry Lane Jane said...

hahahaha I love the picture