Monday, August 25, 2008

HOT Pounding ARTIST ON ARTIST action. Mixed Species vs. levityinbrevity


We have the good fortune of reviewing this SLC based artists shop and quickly realized her shop had us thinking of one thing … Baby Making! Speaking of baby making is it just us or is “trip-hop” very good baby making music। There’s nothing like a little Portishead, Tricky or Morcheeba to increase the size of the Cult of Mixed Species. Well trip-hop and Rob Zombie and DeathKlok. Now hold on – before you get all up on your high horse let us explain. In the following “review” we will take you from “pre” to “during” to “post” baby making all based upon products found in levityinbrevity’s shop! So, join us!

First of all what they say about “the quickest way to a man’s heart” is true. It’s nudity. Well nudity and food. Usually at the same time. The Chef Chicken Country Cooking Apron is a beautiful little garment that leads us to wonder has anyone ever made Chicken Fried Bacon? Serious ... how good would that be? When we perfect the recipe for Chicken Fried Bacon we'll be coming back for one of her Oil Cloth Vinyl Bibs, Adult Sized!

We also scooped up the magic cookie recipe from her shop। We are guessing if we are rolling SLC style hopped up on these cooking AND wearing our lucky underwear chances are we could be lucky enough to wake up foggy married to ten people including our own sister and someone else’s! This reminds us of one of our favorite questions from a Facebook fan. (before we were kicked off) “Is polygamy legal in Corvallis?” This comment still brings tears of pride to our eyes.

Hairy McSpecies remarked after checking out the Pink Leopard Tote that he’d like to find one of levityinbrevity’s beautiful bags over his head before a passionate session। In fact he’d look so good there would be no need for the dimmer switch! We can only assume Hairy is referring to a passionate solo session.

Look at this little brown corduroy dress। Seriously it’s so cute we are considering making babies just so we can have a little Mixed Species girl to put into it. This is much closer to the truth than most might think. The Mixed Species guys are so virile that we’ve actually got a few people pregnant through etsy forum posting! OK, one of them might have been a dude but we were hopped up on Lucky Lager and levityinbrevity’s cookies. We are saving our money for a couple of levityinbrevity special requests. We will need a couple of training dresses for Hairy and Poppa McSpecies to wear as they prepare to qualify for the upcoming 2012 Olympics three-legged race in London! We will also need a matching dress for Oliver McSpecies to finally match his father. (pending DNA test results)

Our only suggestion is to address the lack of boy's clothes in her shop. Although a pairing of one of her dresses with a high waisted pair of cords for boys would be nothing short of stunning at the next tear fest / clown themed birthday party or maybe that's just our kids' birthday parties? We did however find a great recipe for spiking kids' lemonade with liquor and antidepressants in a Rachel Ray cook book, seems to ease party tension for all involved. By the way, you better make an extra batch for the clown. But we digress ...

So you see? We’ve taken you all through the process of comparing baby making to a shop that makes clothes for girls without feeling the wrath of Corporate McSpecies.

Levityinbrevity can also be found at her blog, myspace and flickr

As always ... HAVE FUN!!


Anonymous said...

And LOVE LevityinBrevity, and Mixed Species....

pumpkinhaus said...

Yeah LevityinBrevity!! This is an awesome review guys! Seriously, check out her shop! Way to go Mixed Species.... I think I saw one of you guys stealing apples from my backyard....hmmmmm.... what were you wearing under that apron....

Jennifer said...

Awesome and complex journey! I will be checking back for that spiked lemonade. I just had a kid party and I could have used about 10 glasses (for me) and one for each of them...please let me be your first customer!

Good luck on frying bacon, my husband will want that I'm sure. I recommend experimenting with beer battered fried bacon in a football shaped deep fryer, with all your buddies around. Par-tay! :-)

my blog said...

Nice photos. I will visit this shop :)

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my blog said...

I love mixed species.

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TheresaJ said...

Country fried Bacon...? LOL I think you should whip some up and let us all know how it turned out.

And the cookies sound dangerous! :}

Mixed species, what can I say... always entertaining!