Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally some new shit from -the Mixed Species guys-

Often cited as single-handedly reviving the 70's scruffy tennis look we call Bjorn Borgasmic, Hairy McSpecies is seen here modeling our newest release "Let's French"!

We are pre-releasing this soon to be Holiday classic as the "Let's French" tagline has really become our Mixed Species mantra of late. With the current political, economical and environmental developments dominating the news we've decided it's better to take the ostrich and the sand approach. Instead of the ostrich it's our tongue and instead of the whole in the sand it's your mouth!

or as Hairy McSpecies himself says:

In times of many steadfast and conflicting opinions we need words that will unite us in respect and fellowship. We believe "Let's French" are those words! Sartre said in his classic No Exit, "Hell is other people" and that may very well be true at any moment other than those spent oral spelunking in some one's moist cave. This is no time for "henny penny the sky is falling" peck kiss action. Now is the time to move decisively, like you were still on recess hiding behind the gym in a knock out session overwhelmed with passion rid with dread over the coming break bell

This is the same fine image featured at the end of the m0ustache video.
A very few have been printed on green medium Bella womens fit shirts.

Let's French!!


Zingo Tots said...

Ike came and went...leaving a tree in my roof and a hole in my ceiling. My insurance deductable is $1600. We were without power for sixteen HOUSTON. The market crashed and we lost tons of money this week. What the hell!?!!??
Yeah...LETS FRENCH! For sure!
Love your words of wisdom! I am there!

Anonymous said...

lets french indeed. I will be making hairy mcspecies my 'bear of the week'

hairy mcspecies is a dreamboat

TheLuluBean said...

Hairy, will you marry me?