Monday, October 20, 2008

Mixed Species does Mosaic Masterpieces--Hot Pounding Artist ON Artist ACTION!

Ever wonder what became of the cutters back in school? If they ended up turning out work like C. Brennan of Mosaic Masterpieces then maybe all the crying in the mirror watching their eyeliner run listening to the Cure and working at the mall food court after school may very well pay off. Sorry there's still no excuse for the goth shoes. No not those ones, the elf ones.

Hairy McSpecies is the proud owner of a C. Brennan piece, a radical depiction of Twiggy the most glamorous female model ever. We all know who the most glamorous male model is?! Twiggy gave Hairy this fantastic mosaic of her after leaving him heart broken at the altar, it's a sad story that Hairy has yet to recover from. In the above photo, chillin' before a romantic fire Hairy reads a few Pablo Neruda poems to "his" Twiggy while washing away the tears with beer (he serves Twiggy's in a wine glass). Later he'll stumble to bed to smell the pillow twiggy last used better than ten years ago to see if he can still smell her. His guest appearance on last season's America's Next Top Model has brought up some strong feelings and it's a tough recovery.

Twiggy's just the start of the pop that spews forth from Mosaic Masterpieces massive musclely pulsating creation organ. Her poppy glass tentacles stretch from Seattle to Philadelphia. The city of brotherly love (ha) with a stunning mosaic recreation of Robert Indiana's famous Love. She then grabs us by the hair like rag doll (yes we like it!) and drags us all the way to New York City, adding some sharp edges to Roy Lichtenstein's Love Gun.

What do Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Jim Morrison and Madonna have in common? Other than mountains upon mountains of drugs copious amounts of alcohol and bagging mass chicks they've all been the subject of mosaics from the C. Brennan of Mosaic Masterpieces. We think it's fair to say that any average self loathing self absorbed artist, musical or otherwise would be honored to rendered in glass by C. Brennan's adept hands.

From the amazing intricacies of the George Harrison piece to Wood grain reveal in the Hendrix piece we are happy to give C. Brennan five out five guaranteed severed thumbs up.

You can also find C. Brennan and her fine work at these lesser known interweb joints
C.Brennan is also showing paintings at Glam Boutique in Albany Oregon through November


Anonymous said...

Once again, another literary masterpiece from the Sexiest Dudes on Etsy!

lacey said...

Come check out the fabulous art of Casey Brennan at Glam Boutique in Downtown Albany! I'm sure it will be gobbled up quickly, so hurry!

PamperingBeki said...

Those are amazing!

I love anything mosaic.

Mixed Species said...

Thank you rocker chick!