Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Contest is coming fast!!

Our flickr costume group is growing fast with a bit of submissions starting to roll in. We've been busy our selves hammering out some costumes to make some smile and most cringe. Check out the  first two creations above! First off we have Oliver Bolan's Rainbow Bat, he came up with this one his own. Though it could easily be misconstrued we've got to admit to being stoked when Oliver pinked the pink fake fur to join the rainbow felt. Next up is Laura Ingalls Gene Wilder and if this is not a case of Hollywood gone rural then that freaky banjo kid from Deliverance is Face McSpecies brother uncle.

If you've not already joined our flickr costume contest then get on it for a chance to win some of our fine crap and a crisp $100 bill sent to your house.
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