Friday, October 10, 2008

Mixed Species 08' Halloween Costume Contest!!

As October got going we became kinda freaked that Etsy may not host a costume contest so we decided to rock one our selves! Everyone is invited!

Our goal in doing this contest is to have fun! Well and shameless self promotion but that goes without saying, so we take that back. Feel free to invite anyone you want to join, the more the merrier. There is no cost to enter and feel to use our group to promote your art as much as you'd like. Above is our entrance to last years Etsy contest, Gene Richard Simmons you can also check out the video (below) of him singing "Heavens on Fire" with local rock gods Saintan. Gene Richard was very drunk that night, as a matter of a fact shortly (yes that is freudian) after that video ended he ripped of his camo undies and exposed his funky junk on stage. Gene Richard was fired as spokesman for Deal A Meal & Kiss Army LLC. shortly (that's twice) there after.

In hosting a super loose event like this on flickr we are able to invite everyone regardless of etsy membership, paypal account, country or any of that jazz. In truth you don't even need a flickr account as long as you know someone who does and con them into submitting your costume for you.

Here is the Mixed Species Halloween Contest flickr group to join/enter.

Here's how it will work (so we think)

1st place a crisp $100 bill & #1 of the Let's French poster series

2nd place $50 shopping spree from the Mixed Species etsy store & #2 of the Let's French poster series

3rd place a purchasable positive review on our blog & #3 of the Let's French poster series

Enter as many times as you like.
There are no categories so you can enter what ever your mind and hands can create, that said please be moderately nice to animals.
Costume must be made mostly by hand.
All entries must be rad or some lame they are rad.
All entries must be in by 12am 11-01-08 (changed so people only have to put this crap on once).
Winners to be announced 11-03-08 on this blog and everywhere else we post, did I mention shameless self promotion.
The Mixed Species guys will contribute costumes but will not be competing (yes Corporate McSpecies that's directed at you bitch).
The Mixed Species guys are the judges so feel free to attempt bribes as I'm sure it wouldn't take much. A bidding war of bribes might be good plan.


Karma Sexton said...

I heart MixedSpecies!

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Moxie said...

Awwww yeah! I'm getting in on this action.

kim* said...

k i am making my own costume this year so i will book mark ya :)

jenifer said...
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